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Tumblies game in the appstore starting today

12 december, 2013 
Starting today, the Tumblies game, based on the TV series by the same name is available as a download in the iTUNES app store. The game is meant for children from 2-6 years of age and has been developed with a subsidy from the European and Dutch Media Funds. Fantasy, creativity and free playing are the focus of this game in which the magical TV boundary is broken. When an episode has finished, the child enters the world of the Tumblies and can start playing.

From Polder to Pensionville

19 november, 2013 
To what extent can a serious game contribute to designing our pension system? That is what IJsfontein discussed during a session with representatives of the largest pension funds of the Netherlands. Political scientist and initiator of this session, Koen Keepers, wrote an article about it that was published earlier in ‘het Financieel Dagblad’. Below you will find an excerpt of his article in which he makes a plea for the development of the serious game ‘Pensionville’.

Games for Health 2013, validation of serious games as a medium or means?

5 november, 2013 
Last week, the annual conference Games for Health took place. The ambitions were grand and uniform: games have to make us happier and cheaper. The miracle drug often appeared to be an existing therapy summarized on a 2D screen, enriched with scores and fantasy elements. Researchers were asked to conduct validation studies, transforming these miracle drugs into accepted solutions.

Serious games in health care

31 oktober, 2013 
Serious games and e-learning tools are very effective to make people aware of their behaviour and its consequences. It is, therefore, not surprising that these means are used more and more often in health care. Such universal motives as competition, collecting, social contact, status, privileges and exclusivity are utilized. By ‘playing’ for these goals people are motivated and prepared to do things they would rather not do under normal circumstances. The enthusiasm about serious gaming applications in health care seems to keep growing.