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About us

IJsfontein makes media interactive. We are convinced that people are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to develop themselves. In our view, play is one of the most effective ways to encourage this natural behaviour.

Our projects have objectives ranging from creating awareness to education and from training to educational entertainment. Think, for instance, of a serious game as a training tool for (medical) staff, interactive exhibits and apps for museums or a cross platform digital method for primary education.


Playful solutions, serious communication

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital and the boundary between physical and digital is disappearing. That is why we think interaction is not only limited to a serious game, a website or an interactive installation. It’s the combination that makes our work particularly powerful. We evaluate the various types of interactivity and play for each assignment and utilize those elements that are most appropriate for that particular assignment and its objectives.

Our clients are varied, but they share a complexity of content. We translate this into interactive concepts that are accessible for the target group. This approach has resulted in award-winning products we’ve been proud of since 1997.

A target group with a special place within IJsfontein are Children and Young People. Provided they are utilized well, play and interaction are especially suitable for this target group. From toddler to adolescent. Many years of experience have resulted in expert knowledge and an insight into Children and Young People that we like to share with our clients.



Each project is different and we adjust our procedure, strategy and the team accordingly. We guarantee a personal approach in which we work hard and collaborate with our clients to achieve an effective end product.

A ‘linear’ method, for instance, is suitable for small-scale projects. We follow the process step by step and there is one delivery at the end. For large-scale and more complex projects, we often use an ‘iterative’, more agile approach. The production phase is divided into several steps and deliveries. If research is an important part of the project, we agree in advance when this will be done and what the impact will be on the rest of the project.


Visit us on the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam to get acquainted.

About us